YouTube SEO: The 5 most important ranking factors

There are a few basic rules that you should definitely follow so that the ranking of your YouTube videos is improved and you can benefit from them. After all, you don’t want to set up a YouTube channel for nothing and upload the first videos. So that your videos can be found quickly on the web, your YouTube channel should be optimized for the search engine.

YouTube only shows its users the videos that are actually relevant to them. YouTube evaluates various factors. 

5 Tips for Youtube SEO

We would like to give you some tips that can help you to achieve a good ranking and thus get a wider range in the future.

Ranking factor No. 1: number of calls and time

There are always other YouTube channels that will compete with you. However, you can get a big advantage by making your videos get a lot of views and your YouTube videos have a long dwell time. Therefore, you should try to do everything possible to attract even more viewers to your videos. 

For this purpose, there are also strategies that are separate from YouTube.

These include: email marketing, social media or PR. You can use these strategies to generate more traffic and thus achieve a higher level of awareness. A high ranking brings more views to your videos at the same time, but the trick is to get that high first. Google and YouTube are equally interested in keeping users on the platform for as long as possible. 

The more time a user spends on YouTube or Google, the greater the likelihood that more commercials will be consumed. As a result, the incentive from YouTube and co. understandable why there is an interest in binding users to their own platform.

Ranking factor No. 2: Include keywords in the video title

The search query made by internet users should match your video title. This way your video will be found faster and reach the desired number of views. Search queries and the exact title name play an important role here. For this reason, it is critical that the keywords appear in the video title in some way. For example, a handyman is looking for: “Mount the closet”.

If your video is a guide  to installing the closets, you should call the video “How I can assemble every closet”. This way you get as many views as possible, because many DIY enthusiasts search for such keywords on the Internet. As a result, they are more likely to get on your video.

Ranking factor No. 3: The length of the title

There is a rule that the length of your title should not exceed 50 characters. Of course, a few characters are more or less not a problem. However, nobody likes it when a video title is almost as long as an entire sentence. Therefore, stick to this specification and of course include the keywords relevant to the topic of your video.

Ranking factor No. 4: insert keywords in the description

A description of your YouTube video should not exceed 300 to 350 words in length. After all, it is a short description and not a guide. When describing, it is also important that a certain number of keywords is reached. 

The rule of three to four percent of keyword density applies here.

More keywords stand out directly and leave a negative impression on the viewer or the reader. Fewer keywords ensure that the chances of being found online decrease. 

You also have to keep in mind that a keyword density of three to four percent does not always use the same keyword. It is much better if you incorporate different variations of the keyword and rewrite the keyword in between. It is not noticeable that the description is SEO-optimized and the description of your video is much easier to read.

Ranking factor No. 5: thumbnail

What is a thumbnail? A thumbnail is the preview image of the video. The user sees this before he even clicks on your video. As a result, the thumbnail leaves the first impression and ensures whether the user clicks on the video or not. Typically, the preview image is displayed with the title in the search results. As a result, it is extremely important that you choose a well thought out thumbnail. When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube automatically suggests a preview image.

However, in most cases the proposed image does not match 100 percent with the content that is addressed in the video. For this reason, it is advisable to choose or create a thumbnail yourself. You should make sure that the preview image refers to the video or the video content. However, uploading personal thumbnails will only work if you have verified your YouTube channel. Verification is recommended in any case, as YouTube ensures that your channel is not spam videos.

Tip: Enter “Verify YouTube Channel” in the search on Google and follow the step-by-step instructions. Then your YouTube channel is verified and you can set your own thumbnails.

More useful tips

As a rule, the older videos rank better than the new ones. The videos are automatically pushed by YouTube for the first two weeks. Then interest drops and only increases again after 14 days. After a year, it can happen again that a video wins on some views. It also makes sense that your YouTube channel is well managed. 

That means there are many active subscribers who like and comment often. Such aspects have a direct impact on the uploaded video.

However, this effect is only noticeable from a number of 1,000 subscribers. Furthermore, it is worthwhile to distribute or share a video and the more users click on the link and thus get to the video, the better it is for the video’s ranking. However, this could also be due to the fact that well-known or popular videos are shared frequently and thus get many views. It’s still worth trying.


If you absolutely want your video to receive many views and become known after a short time, you should work on your YouTube SEO. Try to include keywords in the title and short description of your video. Share the video with your friends, relatives and your social media. Only use crisp and meaningful video titles and do not keep your video too long, but fill it with useful and useful information if it is a guide.

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