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The Spirit of a Great Logo

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The Spirit of a Great Logo


Only a few people realize the spirit of the right logo and the impact that a good logo can have on their business. You have probably seen the logos of multinational companies such as Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola. These logos are easy to remember because they were planned and then carefully designed to inspire public. Most leading companies have logos that speak for themselves. It is the spirit behind a powerful graphic design of a logo that continues to silently push the company’s sales from the background.

It is a well-known fact that a properly designed image speaks louder than the words. Being graphic in nature, logo goes beyond the written language. Even a person who does not speak English will recognize the graphic image of Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, due to the power of the internationally recognized and accepted logo design.


The word “logo” is an abbreviation of the original term “logo”, formed from the Greek words “logos” (word) and typos (stamp). In the early days, design artists used signs to give their work some identity. As the practice became more common, the signs used became more complex and ultimately turned into artistic objects. With the invention and popularization of the printing press, logos began to turn into marketing and advertising devices for companies. The first well-known trademark was created for Bass beer in 1870, which is widely considered the beginning of the modern logo culture. Today, companies understand the importance of a visual brand that can be understood and recognized in any language, which allows them to reach a wider audience with their products and services. The spirit of a strong logo depends on a certain factor, which we will discuss in this article one by one.

1.      Color Choice

Color choice plays very important role in an attractive logo. Understanding colors, combination of different colors and their impact on human psychology is very important. There are millions and millions of colors in the universe. Colors cause an emotional attachment among us, people, and we respond to them psychologically whether we are aware of it or not. We are rigidly attached to certain colors with different feelings.

For our purposes, we will consider the basic colors and the feelings that they can cause.

  • Yellow: cheerful, warm, peppy, originality, practicality, cheerful.
  • Orange: confident, playful, friendly, happiness, enthusiasm, relaxed, extrovert.
  • Red: positive, exciting, bold, motivating, leadership, strong-willed, romantic.
  • Violet: creative, inspired, wise, creative, immature, individual, conscious.
  • Blue: strength, trust, fidelity, peace, integrity, restraint, honesty, calm.
  • Green: growth, health, balance, harmony, renewal, optimism, spring, freshness.
  • Black / Gray: balanced, informed, neutral, mysterious, smooth, bold, strong.

Colors are the most basic non-verbal communication method you have. Once you understand what each color is, only then you can plan the colors that you will use in your logo. It is important to know that a simple color change will completely change the feel of any logo. Just have a look on the following logos and notice how the feel of logo changes with a simple color change.

2.      Choosing Fonts and Style

Choosing the right font is another most important step in logo development. Finding a font for your project of logo designing can be tricky, although it seems pretty simple.

There are two types of fonts available. Free and paid. Free fonts are easy to find, but they are not intended for use in commercial projects. Paid fonts, on the other hand, will cost you some money, but will serve the purpose. A font with a license for commercial use, allows you to use the font for commercial purposes, for example, in an advertisement.

A free font with commercial license can be a good choice for startups. Once you have selected the font, install it on your system. After installing the font, you can experiment with different font styles. Try your name in all uppercase or lowercase letters, you never know what will look good until you try.

Personally, I always start a new logo with a font selection, as soon as I have the font, the rest of the design flow from this style.

Bonus Tip: I follow a simple rule that has helped me well for years when it comes to fonts. Keeping it simple is the key that always worked for me. Do not overdo it and see how many different fonts you can insert into one design. Use no more than two different fonts in one design. Within these two fonts, styles such as bold or italics can be used if necessary.

3.      Logo Refresh VS Logo Update

An outdated or poorly designed logo can affect the business growth in every possible way. Many companies are constantly changing their logos to keep up with the times and keep abreast of developments. While comparing the two multinational companies (Pepsi & Coke), Pepsi constantly developed its appearance, while Coca-Cola remained fairly stable.

If you already have a logo and thinking about logo redesign, then you have to understand the difference between “logo refresh” and “logo update”.

A “logo update” is changing the logo entirely which includes color change, font and message change along with a new graphical look for you brand. While a “logo refresh” means minor changes into existing design without changing the actual message the logo is delivering. This includes simplification of existing design along with minor changes in colors and fonts.


There are many new companies that strive to become famous around the world, and they are also looking for a best logo design company that can help them with their logo design issues. Many logo design companies on the Internet charge a large sum for professional logo designing.

Either you design your logo yourself, or hire a professional logo design agency, here are a few things to consider:

  1. What do other logos look like (from similar products, companies, etc.)?
  2. Is there a trend in the industry? For example: sports teams usually actively perceive their logos and use 2 or 3 colors, while law firms, as a rule, use more classic fonts and simple graphics, for example, a scale.
  3. If there are obvious trends, do they all seem to converge and not stand out from each other?

Last but not least, It’s normal, even good, to counter trends, to make your logo stand out, but you need to keep in mind what your overall perception will be (Keep your target audience in focus).

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