Technology is Right Hand of Human Beings

In today’s world technology is playing a vital role because everything that we do we take help of technology either it is mobile phones, fans, cars, etc.

By using technology we can do anything and it saves our time like if we want to go somewhere and if we don’t use technology then we will take more time to reach our destination but if we use technology like bike and cars and all then it will save our time to reach the destination.

Technology is the right hand of human beings because it saves human being’s time and makes work easy to do without any problem.

You can understand by this example- if we are hungry then we use mobile to order food online so this is the example of technology.

If we want to talk with others without going anywhere then we can chat with them we can do video call with them while sitting at home.

But there are also some disadvantages to this technology because now almost every company is using machines, due to these human beings are unemployed.

Now technology is everything for human beings and human beings are getting addicted to technologies day by day.

we can use different technology in different ways like every day we use mobile cars tv bikes all are different forms of technology.

Today almost everyone is using technology and without knowing the disadvantages of it and getting addicted to it.

If humans will use technologies continuously then that day is not far when there will be no human being on earth.

So now the time has been come to not use technologies more we all should understand this that we should not use technology more it also harms our environment.

The use of technology for improving one’s way of living is fine. However, addiction to technological devices can prove to be disastrous.

the free encyclopedia. Depending on when the word technology is used, technology is: The tools and machines that help to solve problems or do new things; The techniques, skills, and methods for solving a problem (such as construction technology or medical technology);


Engrossed in technology, children these days develop social isolation that results in a lack of social skills. Extreme use of technology and a socially isolated life can even lead to depression.

Abundant sources of entertainment are available at home and thus people do not feel the need to go out. Most kids these days stay indoors rather than indulging in outdoor activities. This leads to health problems such as obesity, poor sleeping habits, and stress.

The use of technology has led to a drastic increase in pollution which in turn is responsible for various health problems.

Technology can affect life both positively and negatively. New technology always changes our life very much and takes it to a new level. It is like the new way of thinking or doing the normal things differently, better and much faster with less hassle and at a much affordable rate.

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