Successful Marketing Strategies that Build Consistent Traffic to Your Website

Nova was the videoly that we all wanted to read in the Sixties because every issue brought something new and relevant to our lives: extraordinary fashion by Molly Parkin; innovative layouts and photographs by Harri Peccinotti; articles about the Pill and our new sexual freedom and a different take on beauty, fashion and celebrity – for one incredibly complicated story, we revamped the Queen. Our editor, Dennis Hackett, always thought outside the box a

Many website owners tend to focus too much on creating the best website design to attract online traffic and a common complaint is that there is not enough traction.  The stark reality is that regardless of how vamped up their website is, there is a very small chance that a random person will click on to their site. Consistent online viral marketing and word of mouth play a predominant role in building strong traffic to websites these days.

Utilize as many social media platforms you can to build website traffic such as Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Google Plus., Hootsuite, etc. There are over a billion users you can select and narrow your target audience from these social media.  Once you add your relevant audience, you want to obtain a loyal following and keep them.

Offer a free monthly newsletter providing top 10 tips that will be useful to readers, local events within the community, update profile, news feeds, and photos as often as you can to provide new and fresh content about your website. Hootsuite allows you to update content on all your social media channels at the same time.

Another great way to engage followers outside of social media is to join online forum discussion boards that talk about related information on your website.  There are always a plethora of Q & A on these forums.  Provide a detailed, concise, and informative response to the user’s questions.  People will start to notice the quality content in your responses and will encourage them to click on your link to see what your website is all about.

Regardless of the online marketing strategies you are trying to implement to increase traffic flow to your website, the main goal and purpose are to get as many people to spread the word by mouth, resulting in FREE marketing.  With extensive experience in marketing and building streamline of traffic to the website through a social media outlets, I always remember and keep in mind, you need to be where your followers are.

Its how you take advantage of the power of social media to grow your target audience.

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