Socialwall and Its Undying Role In Marketing

As the entire globe is shifting to digital solutions and a digitalized world, digital marketing is a crucial part of a brand’s marketing strategy. Digital Marketing is not a very easy thing to do. You need to grab the user’s attention and educate them about your brand at the same time. But how to do so?

Nowadays, the most trending way to uplift and market your brand is User-Generated Content.

There is a lot going around User-Generated Content (UGC) and ways to leverage it. Brands are creating UGC Campaigns and motivating their users to create and share content for them. They get the content but how to display it? That is when Socialwalls enter.

Too complicated? Let me ease it up for you by explaining everything in detail.

Let’s start!

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-Generated Content aka UGC is the content created and shared on any digital platform by the users of a brand in its favor without any remittance. The content can be in any form such as images, videos, GIFs, blogs, and everything else in between.

What are UGC campaigns?

A UGC Campaign is usually designed by creating a unique hashtag for a brand’s social media campaigns giving them a new identity for brand awareness and social reach. It creates a common interaction platform for all the existing brand users along with making it accessible for new and potential users as well. It improves the social reach, brand awareness, user engagement, and also collects social proof in the form of user-generated content for marketing.

Role of UGC Campaigns in Digital Marketing

UGC Campaigns are an amazing way to enhance your organic reach and stimulate engagement among your audience both offline and online. It deals with user-generated content which makes the campaign more authentic, attractive and effective.

  • It helps you build a stronger social presence, earn more followers and gain more opportunities to interact with your users.
  • Enhances engagements and interaction with your brand’s social media by proffering power to the users. The users have the power to create, share, and explore content which increases engagement and interaction with the brand and with each other.
  • Encourages UGC creation that can be later used for all your marketing touchpoints.
  • Builds trust by seeing happy and satisfied customers all around.
  • Tracking and performance measurement is easier as hashtags are easier to analyze and track.
  • Increases conversions and revenue by opening door to greater engagement and interaction eventually leading to higher conversions.

The users are creating content for your UGC campaigns. How can you leverage all the content they are creating a sharing? Displaying them as a Socialwall on all your marketing touchpoints can be an amazing way.

What is a Socialwall?

Socialwall refers to a tool that aggregates UGC from multiple social media platforms and displays them at one location. The content is collected through hashtags, account handles, and mentions. A Social media wall can be shared at any of your marketing touchpoints, may it be your website or outdoor digital signages.

How does Socialwall contribute to Digital Marketing?

Now, you have a lot of content through the UGC Campaign you started. But how to use that content for marketing your brand? Socialwall gives you a way to use that content to promote your brand and attract new customers. It can be displayed at most marketing touchpoints enticing the users and building trust among them.

When it comes to deciding where to display your socialwall, you have an option to embed it on your website or display it on digital signages.


Talking about websites, they are the foremost and crucial marketing touchpoints that can make or break a deal. Websites are the first thing a user checks and within seconds they decide if they want to stay or switch to some other brand.

It is essential to have a good looking and reliable website, only then one would want to stay on it. Embedding a socialwall on your website will fulfill both the requirements. The dynamic and diverse content will make your website attractive and the fact that it is user’s content will make it trustworthy. It will also increase the engagement as people will be able to relate to the content as it is the content created by other fellow users like them.

This can help in a higher conversion rate as well. If a person is interacting and trusting a brand, what will stop them from buying from it?

Digital Signages

When it comes to digital signages, they can also give your fruitful results. You can deploy digital signages at high traffic places or in-store displays.

In-Store Socialwalls will help the users present there to be able to trust the brand and have a look at the products in action. This will make their purchase decisions easier and faster. It can also motivate more people to share their images and get a chance to feature on your socialwall giving a buzz to your UGC Campaign.

High traffic public places are more effective when it comes to brand awareness and social reach. Displaying a socialwall can help you make people aware of your brand and how happy and satisfied your users are. This will also promote your UGC Campaign and a lot of users might share their pictures with your products.


Socialwalls can be a great way to fire up your digital marketing and get unimagined results. It can play a very big role in marketing your brand in an attractive, engaging, and effective way.

Using socialwalls for your digital marketing can be a great idea and help you elevate your brand to different heights. I will definitely recommend Socialwalls!

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