Social eCommerce- 5 Standout Strategies Of Smart Social Selling

Sudden Boom in  Social Commerce is a clear indication of how it is going to capture the future of shopping. With the emanate of new technology, people expect the brand to provide them with a personalized user-friendly experience.

What is Social eCommerce?

Social ecommerce in simpler terms is the practice of buying and selling products via social media by linking directly to the checkout point or shopping cart.

It is an emerging trend in the eCommerce industry. It allows you to sell as well as interact with your customers through social media alongside giving you insights about the current trend and mood of the buyers.

It’s more than just engaging an audience. Or creating promoting Ads Via Social Media.

Potential is humongous  one can notably get the glimpse just by considering the  following points

  • Around 200 million people on Instagram visit one business profile a day and moreover it has 1 billion monthly active users gladdening opportunity for E-commerce.
  • Despite slow growth, Facebook still witnesses 2.23 billion people log in each month with 66% user visiting daily making it by far the most 
  • Platforms like Pinterest and Snapchat see over  291 million monthly active users and 190 million active users respectively and to put this into the context, the latest trends show that Amazon and eBay have only 310 million and 171 million users respectively

5 Standout Strategies Of Smart Social Sellings


  • Do Giveaways- Kettle Brand ran the “Your potato chip puns are so a-peeling” giveaway


“Never Underestimate the power of free”,  A giveaway is a contest to attract and reward fans to create a buzz around a product or brand. Giveaways are fairly easy to run and manage on social media.

A famous potato chip brand kettle ran a social media giveaway titled #Your_Potato_Chip_Pun_Are_So_A_Pelling  .In this contest, one needs to submit their best photo of their potato chip pun along with the five jokes and the one who gets the most number of likes wins and in return gets a case of kettle brand potato chip.

This initiative  not only generated the funny content but became a top trending event in all social media platforms, especially Facebook.


  •  Value Feedback- J.Crew gives its customer feedback utmost priority-


Trust and community proof are the major pillars of the sales, and feedback is the most evident backbone for this.providing honest customer feedback not only builds trust among buyers but also builds up the brand value. 

Feedback also provides the real insight and mood of the buyer for the product ultimately setting up the ground for future actions.


  • Provide User Generated ContentUGC Helping Wisteria to drive user engagement and sales. Brands and consumers agree that user-generated content is more influential than brand content.93% of shoppers note that UGC is helpful in making purchasing decisions and brand like wisteria are taking it to the next level. One can get the idea by looking at the following points-
  • Customer percent went to an all-time high of 135% when they found user-generated lifestyle content on Wisteria .com, Moreover people spent 266% more time on site.


    1. It is evident that the UGC is the key as 80% of the revenue generated from the lifestyle content on the website.


  • Prefer more video content than a post:-The start-up Generation Yes has recognized the potential of video


A Booming startup Generation Yes uses storytelling and a short video to show what products can do. They provide inspiring and curated content in combination with attractive deals that offer customers real added value. The distinguishing features of the start-up make it stand out of cue, video tips provided by the company to operate the new device not only gives the idea about the product but also keeps the audience engaged. Thus improve the entire shopping experience and brand value

  • Social Ads are the key-Meller Brand Running out social campaigns rather than regular ads are always more gladdening as social ads get more shares and likes. Moreover, it helps the brand to establish the emotional connect with the buyer ultimately increasing sales and brand value


Shoppers today have no qualms engaging with sales-based social content, granted it’s relevant, personalized and one-of-a-kind. Effective social commerce is an accumulation of smart strategy, techniques against a single blanket approach. The above tactics whether encouraging UGC or promoting feeds and the rest would eventually flock buyers towards your product helping you to increase your sales

 If you haven’t started selling via social media, what’s holding you back? Interested in implementing some of these strategies but have no idea where to start? Let us know in the comments below!

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