How to Host a Website in Simple Steps

Due to the growing demand for the internet, it has become necessary to present on the internet. Being a beginner, you must have got the question that how to start? Because it is quite tough and complicated. Here in this article, you will get to know all the essential tips on how to host a website?

1) Register a Domain

The first and foremost step is to get a custom address or domain for your website.  With the help of domain, users will easily recognize your business and URL will be like this:

If you have already followed this step, then you can move further. As I said before, if you are new then you need to register a domain and select extensions as per your requirement.  In India most commonly used extensions are .co .in which represents almost 92% of national domains. That is the reason it is recommended in most of cases. To register a domain, whether it is national or international you need to contact the hosting provider and ask them to manage everything.

2) Select web hosting

You will get two options for hosting: Free or Paid hosting. It is your responsibility to evaluate which type of hosting is right for your website.

Free hosting has benefits for those who are starting new on the internet. You can test your site without investing money. Additionally, you can use these free platforms such as WordPress and to create a website. You have to understand that free solutions also have restrictions on professional websites.  There are some normal restrictions such as disk space, bandwidth, support. If you decided to use the free service, then you can not use your own domain and you have to bear ads of service providers on your site. Therefore, it is suggested to get a Cheap Web Hosting for your professional website.

Types of hosting solutions

There are n number of providers available in the market who offer the best hosting solution at an affordable price. The most popular and economical hosting is shared and followed by VPS, Dedicated, Cloud and reseller. You can take the free trial of hosting before signing up for the plan.

3) Create a website and publish it

As you have selected web hosting and domain for your website then now it’s time to design a website. Just follow a few steps and set up a website within a minute.

1) If you are the newbie or do not belong to the technical background then design a website on your own through a website builder.

2) Use platforms like WordPress or any other CMS

3) Hire a professional or agency to design a website.

How to host a website created in the site builder

In case you have designed your website in a site builder, you will get the choice to utilize the tool offered free of cost in the hosting or get hosting from outside. The benefits of this latter option are that you have already got free hosting and exempt you from getting a host. In the site builder tool, you only pay for the tool and you get hosting free of cost.

How to design a website in WordPress or another tool?

If you decide to opt for WordPress site or any other platform, then you can get this from your hosting plan. Additionally, you can use the automatic installer provided by hosting providers at free of cost or do a manual installation via FTP or file manager.

Now you are all set to live your website globally. Still, you have any questions regarding hosting a website? Leave a comment on the post.

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