How To Do Facebook Marketing For Free

When you think about Facebook marketing, you need to understand about audience.  Basically the whole world is on Facebook but there is nowhere that you can post so that the whole world sees you.

So you need to either build your audience or use someone else’s audience. Both are possible and you should do both.

So what is a Facebook audience.

  1. If you have a Facebook page, the people who like and follow your page are your audience.
  2. Your Facebook friends and followers are your audience.
  3. If you have a Facebook group then the members are your audience.

Other people’s audience is as follows.

  1. Friends of your friends.
  2. Other people’s groups.

These are 5 examples of Facebook audience and I am about to explain to you exactly how to harness all 5 and create powerful Facebook marketing campaigns for free.

Facebook Accounts.

First rule of Facebook marketing on the black hat side is accounts, you need accounts and you need friends.

Create Facebook accounts

Having more than one account increases your audience on Facebook faster and it also lowers the effect of restriction that Facebook have imposed on many techniques of marketing.

Set up multiple accounts and add friends to them slowly. You can use software like and to help you automate the task of getting friends.

Once you have friends you can start adding them to your Facebook group and suggesting that they like your Facebook pages. Also you can post links to your website on the accounts, on your pages and in your groups from these accounts.

Also when you post links to your website content you can tag friends in the posts to increase exposure. Also you can join niche related groups with your accounts and post links to your website in them.

Buy Facebook video views to go viral in very short time. With your Facebook page you can setup scheduled posts that link to your site and will be posted automatically at times you set.

These are a few simple but effective methods of getting free advertising on facebook. Build your audience, build accounts, increase the friends lists, promote to the friends lists and add the friends to your group and invite them to like your page.

Every time you lose a facebook account account you should create 2 more in place so that you are always growing your audience.

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