8 Groundbreaking Ways Companies Are Using Virtual Reality for Recruitment

Virtual Reality for Recruitment

Perhaps the biggest challenge in recruiting is when shortlisted candidates must appear for their interviews with the manager of a company, and finding a time that suits both turns out to be a headache. The recruiter often ends up spending precious time in inviting, planning, and even rescheduling such sessions. However, with virtual reality making so much headway, now recruiters are reaping its benefits.

Virtual reality has changed the way companies do businesses and recruits candidates these days. You can do without interviews completely and check out candidates with VR technologies. To get VR devices for low prices it is wise to get your hands on the latest discount code for Gearbest. Besides the many applications of VR and AR or Augmented Reality technologies, a substantial impact can be felt in recruiting as more and more companies use these for honing employee skills, creating skill-based tests that are entertaining, and teaching candidates on how best to use these cutting-edge technologies.

Ways in Which Businesses Use VR for Recruitments:

  1. VR has often been used to attract new talent when the workforce is old and needs a boost. For example, Deutsche Bahn had bolstered its aging workforce through VR that it used in career fairs. Many of its employees were close to retiring in 2015, and this prompted them to introduce VR headsets in career fairs to offer interested people a virtual experience in the company’s challenging roles. This was widely appreciated and huge numbers of applications came in, many of these, of good quality. So, the company managed to cut down costs of conducting tests for candidates who would perhaps not even join them later. Moreover, those who did join got an idea of the job profile and were better prepared to meet the challenges it entailed.
  2. The well-know automobile manufacturer Jaguar has recently collaborated with Gorillaz to create skill-based recruitment games. It has done this by developing an app that is available through Google Play and iTunes. Candidates can use this mixed reality app free of cost to learn about the different aspects of electric automobiles. They can play challenging code-breaking puzzles that will test their lateral thinking abilities, problem-solving capabilities, and general interest or curiosity in the subject. Using this method of VR, candidates are impressed with the company’s innovative techniques, while those who excel in these games are quickly selected by the company.
  3. For army recruits, VR can be rather handy. For instance, the UK army allows prospective recruits to try out tank driving through VR. This move has led to an increase in the numbers of applicants. For instance, a Samsung Gear headset is given to candidates to get a feel of what it is like to be part of a mission that involves activities like parachuting, tank-driving, and combat training.
  4. VR can offer you a taste of the office culture, regardless of where you may be based. For instance, Jet.com that has been competing against Amazon has started making use of virtual reality technologies to get top talent in their workforce.  This effort was made in 2015 when the company offered a complete VR experience developed by Helios Interactive studio to enable prospective employees to get a feel of their employer’s work culture.
  5. For attracting students, a VR experience can help immensely as it gives them a feel of how it is like to work for a specific company. It offers them a peek inside the company work culture, ambience and you can be sure that the numbers of applicants will go up.
  6. Career events can get a boost with VR technologies. For instance, General Mills, the large consumer food company, has developed a VR tour for applicants that were meant for students in the University of Minnesota. It was provided using the Oculus Rift headset and it drew a lot of attention.
  7. VR can help in recruitment drives by assessing candidates’ decision-making capabilities. This method had been used by CBA, an Australian bank, in 2016. It allowed prospective applicants to get an idea of the type of projects that were being currently undertaken by them and tested their power to make smart on-the-spot decisions.
  8. Facebook gaming has also been used as part of recruitment processes by companies like Marriott. It came up with a game to allow prospective candidates to get an idea of the fast-paced work environment in any Marriott kitchen. Players were encouraged to run their restaurants independently, manage budgets, and train workers. The game was so addictive that Marriott succeeding in getting many more applications for hospitality jobs.

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